Monday, April 1, 2013

We Are One in The American Flag

by Erin K.

           Everybody together as one. All looking towards the swaying flag covered in stripes and stars. Not just stripes and stars but THE stripes and stars, the ones that represent who we are and everything we have been through as a country. You weren't alive when the flag was stitched for the first time but it doesn't matter. You get to see how the American spirit has been kept alive through the many years. You get to see the freedom that the flag symbolizes, the hardships it’s been through, and the power it creates amongst Americans.
          The American Flag has fifty stars that represent the states that make up this beautiful country and its lucky citizens who create every moment in American history. Then there are the thirteen stripes that represent how we started, that is the thirteen colonies. But do we really see this every time we raise our right hand over our heart and remove our hats to sing the national anthem and honor our flag and everything that goes along with it? The American flag isn't just a piece of cloth that is copied and made over and over again. It's so much more than that. It's a symbol of how we are all together and not against each other in the United States, because we are all part of states who are in unity not in battle. It's a representation of honor to the soldiers that train and fight to protect our country every day. That's what's important.
          You've probably always heard people say not to let the flag hit the ground. It's true, don't you think? Because if it hits the ground it's complete disrespect that twists our country around and creates that little speck of violence that if tended could end up in a huge disaster. You don't want one of the few things we all come together and celebrate to be torn down and taken apart. Even though it is just a piece of cloth, it represents our country and if you don't have respect for that then what do you have respect for?
            You see it everywhere. It's hanging in every classroom, raised outside of every school each day, brought out on the field at every sports game, used in almost every important American event, and even is on the moon. We do this because, like the stitches that hold the flag together, we are held together by the flag. When you look at the flag that is hung all around you, you can't help but think of all that this country has achieved. You think, what would it be like if we didn't have a flag? You see, the flag isn't as important as everything that it represents, but it's a daily reminder so that we can always have something to look at and remind us of how thankful we should be.
         To wrap up everything that the American flag means to me, I would like to state that it is not only material but thought, courage, strength, honor, power, and right that creates a symphony of people reaching out to each other. Out of about 195 flags that are a part of each country ours is the only one that really matters to me because it is who we are as Americans.

Copyright Erin K. 2013

Erin K. is a member of her local SERTOMA Club (Service To Mankind.)   She is 14 years old and in the 8th grade at a Middle School.  She is a cross country and track runner for the High School teams.  Erin enjoys free writing about topics she can choose and she’s on the yearbook staff at her school.  She has been playing the violin for many years.  Erin describes herself as a huge Christian and attends church and youth group regularly. Erin was awarded the Heritage Essay Award by her local Sertoma Club for her essay, above,  “We Are One In The American Flag.”

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