Saturday, July 11, 2015

Elizabeth Busch

 by June T. Bassemir

Elizabeth Busch born (ca) b.1880 was the youngest daughter in a large family of six children – four brothers and one sister Anna, who was my maternal grandmother.  The ages spanned from Anna to Ed, the youngest.  He was only two or three years older than my mother.  But this is to speak of Elizabeth Busch fourth in line.  She was a single grand aunt of mine who was not given outwardly to expressing her love with kisses or praise.  Perhaps this was due to the disappointment of love she suffered while still a young girl.  [A question: When deep love is lost early in life either by death or divorce, does it follow, that that person finds it hard to give again the same unconditional love to another?  Maybe so... to avoid being hurt again.]

When she was only about nineteen she was engaged to be married to John Weeks but before the ceremony took place, he died of some disease that was going around in the early 1900’s.  It was very sad and a blow to be mourned and remembered.   It was probably that tragedy that drove her to a nursing career.  She worked on the 9th floor of an upscale department store in Newark, NJ called Bamberger’s.  In those days the ninth floor was an Infirmary, not only for employees but for customers too.   Miss Busch was well liked and was chosen to be the nurse in attendance, when each of the four Bamberger children were born.   [This was common family history but the Internet says that Louis Bamberger was a shy man that never married.  The mystery remains...whose children were they?  There is no one left to ask.]  

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