Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Easter Tidings From Wisconsin

by Delores Miller
Holy week.  Palm Sunday.  Jesus’ march to Jerusalem.  Church services handed out palm fronds, have mine in a bud vase.  Looks nice.
 The children will be gathering this weekend.  Hope we can get them all together for a picture.  Richard and family will come from Boston.

 Russell filled 50 dozen plastic eggs with candy and coins for the Easter bunny to hide around the farm.  He had hoped to do the hunt in the year, but alas we still have so much snow that he will have to put it in the new car shed.

 Spring was supposed to arrive last week, but it couldn't find it's way to Wisconsin.  We still have so much snow and ice.  The yard is one sheet of ice.  Hard even to find our way to the mailbox.  The sun is warm, and the snow will melt a little, only to freeze again at night.  The farmers like the snow though.

We went dancing one Sunday afternoon, and then I threw out my knee and have been hobbling around for two weeks.  Will go to the chiropractor and see if he can straighten it out.

 Daylight savings time began a few weeks ago, don't know what good it does, with all the snow and cold weather we hunker in the house yet.  St. Patrick's Day March 17.  Tradition around here is to go out to eat for Corned beef, cabbage, red potatoes and carrots.  Russ cannot stand the smell, but humors me and goes along.

 My hair has slowly been growing, after being bald for 6 months, an afterthought from my cancer treatment, chemo and radiation.  Even got a hair cut.  Came in gray and not curly like some people get.

 The children are all busy with school.  Some have spring break, but with all the snow, there was not much they could do except huddle in the house.  Denise is taking Keith's children to Disney in Florida for 10 days.  Nice girls, 13 years old,  real teenagers now.  Marianne's children are involved in dance recitals, even won a few awards.  They were busy selling Girl Scout cookies.  Had to stand in front of Walmart in the cold and rain trying to sell, and they said people really purchased the good cookies.  Madeline is volunteering at the YMCA at a leadership conference each Wednesday, besides working at McDonalds.  Thinking about college a year from now.  Connor and Robin are volunteering at the Humane Society.  Connor plays with the dogs, getting them ready to be adopted.

 Matt is working on his antique car, a Pontiac Firebird.  A long hard job.  And we watched the election of the new Pope Francis from the Vatican in Rome.  From Argentina.  And our President Obama was in Israel.  Russ watches all the political commentaries from Washington D. C.  on television.    I watch on my own tv, the travel and cooking channels.  

 So what is new with you all?

copyright 2013, Russell and Delores Miller

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