Sunday, October 13, 2013


Laine Roberts

July 16, 1975 - September 15, 2013

I never met Laine.  She was a friend of a friend.  I may not have seen the world  in the same light as she did.  I may not have been able to believe as passionately as she did.  But I can truly appreciate her fervor and dedication to her ideals. And I would have liked to have had her as a friend.  I know too many people who are afraid.  Laine was not afraid.  Not till the end.  She wrote her testament as it appears below.  How long before her demise I don’t know. 
About Me

I BELIEVE  that the most important part of life is

       forgiveness and that if we had that everything

       would simply become alive again.

       I care nothing for material wealth.

I BELIEVE  in complete benevolence.

I BELIEVE  that trust is all that matters.

I BELIEVE  that pride will cripple the entire world.

I BELIEVE  that everything organic is completely and

       totally alive and aware of all existence.

I BELIEVE  that David killed Goliath with one stone.

I BELIEVE  that Jesus Christ was risen from the dead.

I BELIEVE  that I am just as black as I am white.

I BELIEVE  that every single bird of the air deserves as

       much oxygen as I do.

I BELIEVE  in love at first sight.   I BELIEVE in one love.  

I BELIEVE  in a savior.

I BELIEVE  that I would be living on the streets if I did

       not have others to look out for.  The roof over

       my head is for them, not me. I am not alone in

       this world.  I have peace.  I experienced my

       deepest peace the first time I realized

       that I had nothing.

I BELIEVE  I have received the Holy Spirit.

I BELIEVE  that I have become one with God.

I BELIEVE  that I am a sinner and that this world is

       absolutely crushing me because        

       I cannot stand to see it.

I have seen fish made into enough to feed four. 

I have witnessed devils and I have seen angels.

I know that I am human  and that everything that is

       wrong in this world seeks to destroy

       my spirit, soul, and mind.

I BELIEVE  that I am just like you.

I BELIEVE  that I have committed every sin in my heart,

        including murder.

I BELIEVE  that blood was shed for me.

I BELIEVE  that I receive grace that does not belong to me.

I BELIEVE  that everyone should be included and that no

       one is ugly nor stupid or fat.

I BELIEVE  in the truth and I believe that

       everyone should experience it.

For reasons unknown, Laine took her own life 
this past September 15th.
She quieted her body, but not her soul.

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