Tuesday, June 25, 2013

In a Minnesota clime

By Kevin Schmitt

In a Minnesota clime

Where you spend a lot of time

Bending lumbars with the tire testing snow

The hardest thing I've done

Was a T.C. distance run

26.2 damn miles with a friend in tow

He was Irish more than not

From a bloomin crazy lot

Of Leavitts that had moved to Shakopee

He had many skills to show

Many trophies in a row

But he was a little daft as you will see

Gifted student with the books

But he earned some nervous looks

When he bought himself a myth of history

Fast draw holster and a gun

Gave him hours of noisy fun

Till one day he put a bullet above the knee

Never helping to forget

Always teasing you can bet

But what the hell, you gamble when you're free

But a safety tip or two

Helps with hobbies old and new

So I get to keep my limbs while being free.

Kevin Schmitt lives in Minnesota and has been a factory worker for thirty-five years. His hobbies are camping, cross country hiking, kayaking, and playing the Boehm type flute (Irish folk music and marches.) When the weather is too God awful for anything else, he writes and practices a bit of Karate kata. He is not a cool person, and he is aging rather quickly.

Editor's Note:  Kevin has also authored a number of stories and novels, including the well received (and published hereThe Bear and Eagle Affair and Boot Print in Time.

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