Saturday, June 30, 2012

Used Cars and Fish ... They're The Same

by June T. Bassemir

Selling a used car is just like fishing for bass in Lake Champlain so…….

You park the car on the front lawn for all to see.  It has a red “For Sale” sign on it showing your phone number displayed prominently and is sure to bring results.
*** Now, set out to go fishing in your new “Whaler”; drop a line in the water with this year’s fishing lure that the top salesman at Dick’s sporting goods store said, “It’s the best lure this season and guaranteed to catch lots of bass.”

The phone rings and a buyer is interested in your car.
***There is a nibble on the line… you play it appropriately, although it might just be eel grass.

“Are you the original owner?”  Is the price firm?
You explain “Yes, you are the original owner and for now the price is fixed.”
He says he’ll get back to you.
***You reel in the line and remove the eel grass.  Set the line out again and watch as it trails behind the boat...

Another ring from the phone and this time it’s a woman.  She is definitely interested - so much so… she wants to drive it.
***Whoa …The nibble on the line is steady now and you set the hook with a jerk.  Ah… you got a big one…but wait…..

The lady comes back after driving it and says “I like it.  Will you take a check?”  Huh?...You don’t know this lady from Adam, so you say: “Sorry No checks…Cash or a Bank check.” .
***The bass is on the line but breaks the water.

The woman leaves.
*** Then the line goes slack and the fish has spit the hook!  Ugh 

Lots more phone calls……
***And nibble after nibble, but so far the fish net is dry and there are no bass in the bottom of the boat.

But lo! The woman calls again.  “Have you sold the car yet?”
***Ah…Now, .there is an unmistaken drag on the line and you have just hooked the biggest bass in Lake Champlain.

She has a fresh Cashier’s check in her hot hand and you sell the car on the spot.
***The bass is big; breaks the water but stays on the hook and you reel him alongside the boat.  “Get the net.. get the net.  It’s fish for dinner tonight and money in the bank tomorrow.” 

Selling a used car is just like fishing and it's fun! 

April 28, 2012

copyright, 2012, June T. Bassemir

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