Sunday, June 10, 2012

Coming Up

We have several stories "on the spike," as they used to say around newspaper offices many years ago.  And no, each doesn't have a nail-sized hole through the middle of the paper it's typed on.  There isn't even any paper in this operation.

Part 2 of Grandpa Bill's memories will be along and so will a short verse and more articles from June Bassemir.  We've got another story or two from Frank Beresheim.  Kevin Schmitt says he's working on another short novel and Bill Payne's "El Cid" will run in a couple of weeks.  I want to get in touch with Dick Laurey and convince him to let me run one of his stories ... he's shy about such things.  So is Dick Naegele, whose stories I've enjoyed since he began writing them for the old More Stories website.  We'll be running a couple of his pieces. And I should put up one of mine, too.  I think I will!

Hey!  here's a song for all of us.

Can't Find My Way Home - Steve Winwood with Eric Clapton 

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