Saturday, March 17, 2012


by alanquigly

Friday afternoon around 12:50PM..... I got off the bus at the old YMCA building which is now a fantastic Veteran Affairs Outreach Center.  I had my earphones plugged in as I was listening to NPR radio on my MP3 players-Sansa. Walking down to the Bank of Utica I kept hearing in my head the chanting of the words to the call to prayer for the Muslims. I thought I was hearing things--which could be a side effect of one of my medications. So I took of my earbuds and lo and behold the Bosnian Mosque was playing over its loud speakers on one of the minarets the call to prayer for that hour of the day.  I stopped to listen and was getting into the rhythm and the words when 1:00PM struck and the sound of bells began to toll in the hour along with a Christian hymn( this was a psalm tone) from the steeples atop Grace Church. In the background Historic St. Johns Church bell tower began its toll.  What a completely uplifting moment I experienced as I just stood there on the sidewalk in front of the Bank of Utica (NY) so wrapped up in the sounds of silent prayer that for a time I experienced that moment of otherness with God. Then gave thanks for the melody in my heart. And then gathered myself and entered the Bank to do my business for the day. What an escaping moment. ...   :D  ....   I have to do that again.    

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