Friday, March 30, 2012

The Lost House

by Pat Bunsold

     Great!  I was called into the Boss's office and told I had a Junket set up.  Our company was installing a video system in a large plant in Indianapolis, and they needed an expert to oversee the installation.  I would be arriving in mid April, and work on it to the beginning of May.  I always loved junkets.  Free airplane rides, free meals, free hotel room stays.  What a fun time ahead.  And, since my hotel would be out of the city aways, I had the use of a nice rental car.
     My first trip there I scored a nice Lincoln Town Car to drive around in.  It was an upgrade from the normal mid-sized car, and it was great fun to drive around in the Luxury Car.  But I was called back to San Diego and would need another trip to finish the job a few weeks later.  When I arrived back, the boss chewed me out for renting an expensive car.  He said I should drive a cheap car, and this time he booked a little Chevy HHR for me to drive.  

     I arrived at the INDY airport and went to the National Rental car lot.  There was a pretty red HHR for me to drive.  I would need the large open back area to transport the many antennas and equipment that was shipped to my hotel.  The hotel was in Plainfield, not far from the airport, but quite a ride into the city each day.  The job went well, and as the week drew to a close, I finished up early and would drive the HHR around the countryside to explore the Indiana landscape.  As it got dark, I would head on back to the Hotel in Plainfield and get a good rest that night.

    Late that night, I had a wild dream.  I was out in the boondocks, and came upon an abandoned farmhouse that had the remains of a Tribander antenna on the roof.  Inside the house I explored and found a full Ham station from the 50s, still on the operating table.  I forget what happened after that, but the dream kept with me all that night.

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