Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The News From Hortonville

by Delores Miller
The temperature is below freezing and we had a few inches of snow last night and the county snow plow is running up and down the roads.  They have nothing else to do.  It has been a very mild winter, most days above freezing temps and little snow.  No doubt we will pay for it in March when we hope for spring and it is not ready to grace us here in Wisconsin.
Christmas was  over a month ago.  All the children and grandchildren came except Richard in Boston because he won't fly in winter anymore.  Too many hassles on airplanes when weather is bad.  The children and grandchildren like to open lots of gifts under our Christmas tree.  Sometimes it is junk what I wrap up.  They did give us gift certificates for movies, restraurants, and for a new 'grass catcher' for the riding lawn mower.  And then Robin and Keith have to go out for Indian food at least once while they are here.
New Years Eve, we hosted our high school friends, it has been about 57 years we have met that night.  We gossip, play cards and eat, herring, ham, chips, casserole and a mean alcoholic drink called slush.  Needless to say we are all getting old.
We try to go dancing, but it was cancelled because of bad weather.  So we just hunker down and read books at home.  Did read John Grisham's new one 'The Litigators', wasn't as good as his usual one.  Did try to read Robert Massie's book on Catherine the Great of Russia, we always have an interest in that one because Russell's Mother was one of the German Lutherans from Russia.
Trying to work on the income tax, very complicated this year because of the tornado taking the barn, garage and pig coop.  All that insurance money would have to be listed as income, or we would have had to pay a 30% in capital games, that is why he built a 5-stall garage.
Richard's foot ball team, the New England Patriots won most of their games, and the play offs, and now go to the Super Bowl next Sunday in Indianapolis.  If they win, he will get another diamond ring and a big bonus, which he needs because they spend money so foolishly.  The University of Wisconsin - Madison football team played in the Rose Bowl in California and they lost.  They have a big parade which we like to watch on television.
April, 2011 Tornado Destruction at Miller Farm
With one of the gift certificates from Christmas, we went to movies, I saw 'The Iron Lady' with Meryl Streep playing Margaret Thatcher.  Russ went to the Descendants.  Before that he had gone to 'War Horse' and we all went to see The Help'.  Then we went out to eat at the American Legion Club House, Russ had perch and I had the boiled haddock dipped in butter, tarter sauce, baked potato and a glass of Miller Lite Beer.  Very good.
Went to a polka church service and chili luncheon with all the home made pies we could eat.  Was a nice day.  Polka dancing on Sunday afternoon, Tuba Dan was tooting his horn.  Big croud, everyone had cabin fever from being house bound for a couple months.
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