Monday, February 27, 2012

Class Assignment


 by June T. Bassemir

I am so inspired after listening to the words of our Tuesday night author, that I grabbed a pencil and my big yellow pad as I climbed into bed.  I can’t wait for tomorrow, as I do my most original thinking in bed just before drifting off to sleep ... or just before I am fully aware that it is the start of another day. 

The lights are out.  I am all cozy with my head on the pillow, my right hand resting lightly on the yellow pad.  My hand is holding a number 2 pencil all poised ready to go.  Suddenly the thoughts begin racing around my brain, over my shoulder, down the straight of my arm and out through the graphite pencil point.  I am busy scratching away with a sudden delightful burst of originality, when my husband, who is drifting off to sleep next to me, is awakened.  It seems a #2 pencil is soft but only in the daytime.  At night, it sounds like there are mice in the room.  He sits bolt upright in bed and asks, “What’s that?”   I reply that it is only me doing my creative writing assignment for next week.  “You're nuts”, he says. "Do it tomorrow.” and sinks back into the pillow.  It’s too dark and too late to convince him that this is how I get my inspiration.  So much for my creative writing masterpiece assignment.

JTBassemir  (ca 1956)

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