Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Fall News from Hortonville, WI

Cold, cold, cold.   Temps barely get above freezing, and it is always windy here on the Miller Farm.  No snow yet, but am sure it is being organized at the North Pole to swoop down on us.  All the yard is winterized.

Veteran's Day was on Monday November 11.  Was also my brother Bob's 88th birthday.  He always said when I was young that the 11th was red on the calendar because of his birthday.  Little did I know at that time it was called Armistice Day.

Russ being a former Marine, went to 3 different programs, one at the Lutheran  High School where they served 180 former servicemen a good breakfast, scrambled eggs, bacon, hash brown potatoes, grapes, apple and orange juice and lots of strong coffee.  Because it has been 40 years since the Vietnam War ended, those service people received special recognition.

The afternoon program was at Little Wolf High School, Manawa where Russ graduated in 1950 before joining the Marines.  The speaker was Chet Krause who was in World War Two and one of the first soldiers with General George Patton, who entered Buchenwald Concentration Camp in Germany.  Said he will never forget the stench of death.  Chet came back to Wisconsin and founded a newspaper.  He is 90 years old and very bright.

The week before we did another program where the Old Glory Honor Flight people talked.  They take veterans to Washington D. C. to see the monuments.  Russ is on the list for next spring.  They just returned from a trip with Vietnam veterans to see the wall.

Terrible Huricane in the Philipines, thousands of people dead and so much destruction.

Halloween was the end of the month of October.  Oliver, Tucker, Cassidy, Elena and Sean came out to the farm, and then trotted to the new Houses in Hortonville and got a half bucket full of candy.  They had nice costumes.  Said the people in town that gave out the candy were even dressed in scary clothes.  Very generous with the loot.  Their begging helped.

Marianne and family got a new puppy, a very cute little fuzzy dog.  It still pees and poops in the house.  Will grow to about 11 pounds.  Hope it doesn't visit our house any time soon.

Went to a church dinner, swiss steak and ham and all the pie we could stuff down.  Then went dancing in the afternoon to wear off some of the calories.

Baked a bunch of squash, oh how good that tastes.  One of my favorite vegetables.  Was to Sheboygan last week, for Cousin Louette Ostermann's 80th birthday party.  Nice drive down that way, so many abandoned barns where  farmers gave up milking cows and only do cash crops now,   corn and soybeans.  Some subdivisions.

Two new families have moved in our R&D Heights and two more homes are being built, ready to be sold.  20 years since our cows have gone.

Wrote a story for my home town weekly paper, here is a copy if you care to wade through it.

Russ and Delores
(Editor: We'll run the story next week, Delores.  Thanks for your newsy notes and stories!)

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