Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Unsecret Garden

by Michele Crabtree

With no secrets to conceal

A garden will reveal

Each facet of its glory

Every color being seen

Among the requisite green

Describes a detail of the story

Having nothing to hide

As her mood coincides

With the rites of the season

Respectful of the way

Her colors fade to gray

Not questioning the reasons

What seems to be conclusions

Is just shedding past illusions

Of scenes she left untold

The palettes of her history

Reflect no shades of mystery

So to not entrench her soul

No decisions must she make

To be real or to be fake

Cannot hide from her true color

While accepting without doubt

The new life that will sprout

The plan of nature's mother

To embrace the coming sequel

Which may or may not equal

The heritage of its past

With faith but not with envy

Her calm awaits the frenzy

When the time is right at last

Giving no excuses

Nor blaming past abuses

When her lushness is no longer

Assuring to return

With new lessons she will learn

To make her message stronger

She paints another chapter

While telling of its rapture

Makes no secret of its glory

This garden tells a story.

April 24, 2013

Michele Crabtree spent the first 52 of her 57 years in Cumberland, MD, her birthplace.  Since moving to Murrells Inlet, South Carolina in 2008, she thinks of herself as a "Southerner in training," realizing there is no such thing.  She has dabbled in humorous poetry since her twenties.  The source of her poetic leanings is her Great Aunt Olive who wrote clever rhymes on all of her greeting cards.   Michele is passionate about writing more serious poetry reflective of life experiences.  Her poetry style has been rhyming, but she is working on breaking from that "comfort level."  Her goal is to compile her past, present, and future writings in an organized fashion.

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