Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Before a Storm Breaks in Midsummer

 by William D. Cecil, Sr.
Out swings a limb
 brushed by the wind.
Out slips a bird,
 hardly disturbed
by sharp swishing
 of leaves, wishing
their time had come-
 their flight begun.
William D. Cecil, Sr. was born in 1906 and lived 
for 96 years.  He was a lifelong educator, people person, 
and believer in nature.  He spent time recuperating 
from an illness in the late 1920s and thirties.  He used 
this time to write poetry and to heal.  He was a member 
of the Shakespeare Symposium in Lewiston, NY and 
wrote biographical material on an artist known for his 
depictions of Niagara Falls (Amos Sangster).
copyright 2012, Carolyn Cecil 

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