Wednesday, September 12, 2012

“Hair today... gone tomorrow”

by June T. Bassemir

Her hair had always been her crowing glory… like some girls have a cute nose; others have large blue eyes or a flawless complexion.  Her “glory” was her curly brown hair.  That was when curly hair was in fashion and envied.  “Oh you’re so lucky to have curly hair.” was the oft repeated phrase.  It carried her into marriage, motherhood and grandmother hood.  But as the years flew by, so did her brown locks and she was left with less than the desired amount.  There was no hair-do that brought back the satisfaction of looking in the mirror and no hat that gave her a mental lift.  The decision was made…. to get a wig. 

She told no one but on Easter Sunday she stood at the door to greet the family.  Their reaction came…. in double takes.  “Whoa”…said her son, and she herself couldn’t believe how ten years vanished while wearing the wig.  The puffy eyes were still there but the lovely hair style topped what people saw of her eyes and the smile did the rest.

It was time to face the public in her favorite supermarket and to be active in the guilds she belonged to but when she walked through the different doors she was quite embarrassed.  There were blank stares from those she knew best and she had to say:  ”It’s me… it’s a wig.”...  With that frank admission people seemed to relax  but weeks into the new hair style she noticed some changes.

Her contemporaries didn’t really like the change.  They didn’t say as much, but she could tell.  And then those kind drivers who used to stop traffic and let an old lady cross the street, now hurried by to catch the car ahead of them.  Strangers no longer held the door open for her or regarded her with concern.     

Even so, she was pleased with the wig and found it did something else. While wearing it she noticed that her step was lively, her stamina was stronger and her active life style returned.  She could forget that without it, all regarded her as a limited old woman.  In other words she lived up to what she was presenting to the world.  The mirror reflected a wonderful transformation.  Her advice to all her friends is: “If it becomes necessary to wear a wig, don’t worry.  It will improve your self image and self confidence.”

copyright June T. Bassemir, 2012

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